A good question you can ask yourself! Independence Week is an extended celebration of America’s most favorite holiday and largest celebration of freedom.

Our goal is to enable and provide the greatest enjoyable time possible, by connecting meaningful events that are symbolic while inspiring to youth and families, to not only spectate, but to participate and recreate in.

From Founder Dave Behar:

“While making many annual contributions across America – namely in sports and health initiatives, the decision to invest further into my hometown – and those towns I have lived in needed to have purpose. Local purpose, whether economic revitalization or recreation. Most of all is to pay tribute to our freedoms, namely enabled by the Military Veterans (my oldest brother being one of them) and leaders who have protected our country over the years, along with our parents, teachers, public officials and business associates who have provided us inspiration to follow our visions and enable opportunities to grow and succeed locally and nationally.”

In order to be more independent, we need to be healthier and fit. So have a great time and enjoy the events planned by those who are planning them. And you may just be caught on camera with all the media coverage… Make sure to smile.